About us:

Tohid Pump Industrial Group was established in 1989 with the aim of producing and manufacturing agricultural devices and water pumps. In the first step design and production of only one submersible drainage pump was planned and executed.

Following the policies of self-sufficiency, national production, and the state economic-industrial independency and with more than 30 years of experience; now Tohid Pump Industrial Group produces and manufactures different submersible drainage and sewage pumps (single-phase and three-phase), for irrigation and agricultural purposes, deep and semi-deep wells, industrial effluents, urban water and wastewater treatment houses.

Having employed an experienced and technical team in the field of designing and manufacturing these pumps in compliance with international standards, this group has performed as follows within the last few years:

1.       Enhancing quality of the pumps in compliance with the standards of the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran

2.       Designing the pumps based on the international standards (ISO9155, EN-53009-2-11)

3.       Enjoying new designs

4.       Designing molds and prototypes using 3D printers

5.       Creating quality control unit and the related lab

6.       Obtaining standard license 

7.       Obtaining operation license from the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade

8.       Obtaining IP certificate according to IEC53925 International Standard

9.       Having Tohid Pump brand registered

10.   Diversifying production of submersible drainage and sewage pumps with various heads and discharges

11.   Using CNC machine to manufacture the parts

12.   Obtaining ISO5331:2338 international certificate in the field of quality management

Tohid Pump Group is proud to have cooperated with the following organizations:

Karaj Water & Wastewater Company

Tehran Municipality

Different mines, namely Sungun copper mine in East Azerbaijan

Shams Abad Industrial Park Servicing Company

Iran Fisheries Organization

Stone cutting factories in Tehran, Esfahan and Kerman

High quality and applying valid water pump standards caused these products to be accepted among users. Increase in demand of the submersible drainage pumps of this group was a reason that encouraged the managers to qualitatively and quantitatively develop their workshop and the products. Ever since, this group was remarkably developed and now it is one of the most successful manufacturers of submersible drainage pumps in Iran. 

Now Tohid Pump Industrial Group uses the most progressed and updated industrial techniques and machinery to produce different types of submersible drainage and sewage pumps with different usages and discharges, according to the international standards. In comparison with the similar standard products, these pumps have desirable efficiency, function, head and speed.

This group has the ability to produce portable submersible sewage pumps with different materials such as cast iron, aluminum and steel and with different heads and discharges. Such pumps are used in the industries like petrochemistry, petroleum, water and wastewater, factories and urban and industrial sewage.

Since quality of the products as well as after-sale services and customers’ satisfaction are goals of this group, therefore, this group always strives to meet the customers’ needs.

Employing human forces, creating job, producing Iranian products with the same quality as of the similar foreign-made products, and obtaining customers’ satisfaction are amongst main goals of this group. Using creativity, Tohid Pump has produced pumps with great variety compatible with the customers’ needs in different industries which is per se pioneering in this field.           

Appreciating your choice and consideration, we hope that this industrial unit can attempt and contribute to the scientific and technical growth of Iran, under graces of Almighty God.

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