Learning About Tohid Pump Industrial Group

Tohid Pump Industrial Group was established in 1368 with the aim of manufacturing agricultural tools and water pumps. In the first step, the design and production of a type of screed pump was planned and implemented in this workshop.

Now, Tawheed Pump Industrial Group, following the policy of self-sufficiency, national production and lack of economic and industrial dependence of the country...

Quality in accordance with global standards

This industerial group in the last few years of its activity; By employing an experienced and technical staff in the field of design and construction; It has products in accordance with the national standard of Iran, international certificate ISO5331:2338 for quality management, international standard ISO9155, EN-53009-2-11, as well as a laboratory and quality control unit in the factory. The pumps manufactured by this industrial unit have IP-68 degree of protection certificate according to IEC 53925

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We are proud to have cooperated with these organizations

  • Alborz Water and Wastewater Company
  • Municipality of Tehran
  • Iranian Fisheries Organization
  • Songun copper mine
  • Shams Abad Industrial Town Service Company
  • Quarry factories in Tehran, Isfahan and Kerman provinces

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